Monday, May 25, 2009

He Said: Throwing Out the Hamburger

Today I went out to barbecue. I used Kingsford brickettes. I forgot to buy lighter fluid so I had to send my daughter to the store to get some I should have bought matchlite charcoal.
The coals were extremely hot so I burned the first ten burgers I made which had to be thrown out. When I tasted one of the burgers it was the most disgusting things I ever ate. It didn't taste like beef even. I hadn't really checked it when I bought the box it had 20 one-quarter inch burgers for only $7. At the time I thought they were a real bargain. Until today when I read the side of the box which said its ingredients were: beef, water, beef hearts, textured soy flour, salt, spices, onion, and dextrose. They were worse than hot dogs so I decided to go to the store and buy some real burgers. I pitched the remaining ten burgers uncooked in to the dumpster. When I went to the store I checked the burgers carefully and purchased all natural angus beef which said they had no hormones or additives. I came home and cooked them and they were mighty delicious. I had to purchase a metal flipper because I had used a cake serving plastic spatula which melted and I burned myself trying to flip the original burgers. It cost me twenty dollars get the better burgers.

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