Saturday, June 13, 2009

Follow Up: The KJV vs. the NIV


  1. I taught Gospel Doctrine (Old & New Testament) and relied on the NIV PRIMARILY. I have given the NIV as gifts to my LDS girfriends and children. I treasure the NIV. If I meet anyone who has issue with it I invite them to read the preface.
    That would be a wonderfully inlightening post. In 1965 the group that created the new translation was made up of over 100 scholars, from close to 20 denomination, which helped to safeguard the translation from sectarian bias.
    (Notibly absent are the Catholics & of course LDS). I have spent many 100s of hours in deep study in the NIV, and if the Holy Spirit was absent I would have never invested any time with it. But I was led and guided and enjoyed generous enlightenment through the Holy Ghost during my time as Gospel Doctrine Teacher, teaching out of the NIV. It is not perfect, it is flawed as the King James is. But it is perfectly clear to me that the people who labored to bring about the NIV were assisted and blessed with insights from above. I personally feel indebited to them for inlightening my mind and teaching so beautifully God's word.

  2. I use the NIV as well, but it certainly has some Evangelical bias. Occasionally, it plays fast and loose in order to smooth over problems or harmonize, and those of us who can read the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic can tell that.

    Note Kevin Barney's post

  3. KJV is always been revered throught christendom in the centuries, what the new translations did was followed the latest manuscripts available which I believe are not authentic in the sence they were transcribed by non Godly men, who were just scholars and humanists, who never considered the texts with reverence as it were traditionally done by the Judaic scholars to their Old testament.Septuvagent itself is such an example, where as the Christians elsewhere like in Antioch and far and beyond had the preserved and authentic Greek scriptures and its Latin translations far before the
    vulgate even came into existance.KJV came out of those manuscripts and translations that has no connection with the catholic versions. KJV is the Bible of Reformation and proves itself to be authentic and truthful even to the Hebrew Old testament.Almighty GOD preserved the true word of God in KJV. Praise be to Him.The new translations nullifies the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  4. I just compared the Catholic Bible with NIV ,..surprise!!....the translation is the same.In Greek when I checked, it was 'prostrated'(meaning worship) and not knelt down,proving KJV has been faithful in its translation,..and so on..I recommend all to compare NIV with the Catholic Bible-'The New American Bible'and interlinear Greek Bible with a word to word translation.The revelation was amazing to me. I thank God for preserving the WORD OF GOD through KJV.