Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take the Poll: Do Your LDS Church Meetings Bore You?

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  1. When the teacher is incompetent, work on preparing to support the teacher. Pray for them. Study and search Teaching, No Greater Call, so you can find ways as a class member to add your experience, testimony and knowledge to the class. Pray to know what the Lord would like YOU to change in your life regarding the lesson topic.

    I once was called to play the piano in Relief Society. Many more qualified people were sitting in class - (and many of those do not let others know of their talents.) I was a very poor player, but willing to try. People suffered through my growth experience and noticed when I improved and rejoiced with me. It was very humbling to be called to do something I am not good at. I learned something wonderful from this. Now when there is a poor teacher, I pray for them and try to help them be more successful. I try to be patient. I study more and stop expecting someone else to spoon-feed me the gospel and entertain me while they're at it.